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Embroidery accessories

  • All-In-One Hooper
  • Belt Hoop
  • Hoopmaster
  • 8-in-1 Device
  • Robot Frame
  • Laser
  • Mighty Hoop

All-In-One Hooper

The Ultimate Hooping Tool. Saves space, time & money! This one device does it all!

It has 5 boards embedded into 1 device. Adults, Juniors, Toddlers, Infants & SleeveBoard all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed. The All in 1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments.

Everything is included for 1 low price!

• Includes the Leveler Pro & Sleeve Board Pro!
• All Hoop Bracket Included for ALL hoop sizes
• Placement Cards for repeat orders
• Color Coded Placement stickers


ALLIN1 DIST ricoma-01

This device is good for embroidering on belts and straps and is available on all RiCOMA embroidery machines as an option. The embroidery area is as big as 8” x 4” or 20x10CM.

The HoopMaster is the easiest to use embroidery hooping aid on the market. The HoopMaster’s many patented features make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. You can document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement. The HoopMaster is custom made for your hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust. With the HoopMaster, new employees will be hooping in no time at all.Midwest Products has created a hooping system which is simple in design and built to withstand the punishment of a commercial environment. Even the most inexperienced employee will find it easy to use. HoopMaster will have new employees hooping quickly and accurately in no time at all. Your productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality control your customers deserve. Put this innovative system to work for you. The many time saving and profit building features will quickly pay for themselves.The most popular kit is what we call a two size kit. It is $840. and comes with everything the customer needs for two sizes of hoops. The most common sizes would be 12cm and 15cm. The 15cm is usually used for most left and right chest designs. The 12cm is popular for doing cap backs, sleeves, and other small items.If you are looking for a more cost effective alternative, then you can start with a single size kit
(Usually 15cm) for $545.The sizes that are currently available for RiCOMA are 12cm, 15cm, 19cm and 30x30cm.

Click one of the links below to play the video
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Left or Right Chest Hooping
Hooping a Pocket
Hooping a Sleeve
Setting up a T-Square
Hooping a Left or Right Chest Jacket
Hooping the Back of a Cap
Hoop master

image004 image005

Usage Guidance for 8-in-1 Device
This full set of device is designed to help customers accomplish embroidery on difficult items such as shirt pockets, socks, cap backs, bags, shirt sleeves, collar tips, gloves, cuffs of sleeves, ribbons, CD cases, etc.
A great solution for non-hoopable items.
Picture A: 3 sizes for your choice. Suitable for embroidery on socks, gloves, CD covers, waist packs, wallets, shirt cuffs.
Picture B: 2 Portfolio Embroidery Frames: Suitable for embroidery on laptop bags, portfolio bags, fabric bags, Christmas stockings, etc.
Picture C: 1 Cap Embroidery Frame: Suitable for embroidery on caps, backs of caps, sides of caps, collars, etc.
Picture D: 2 Sleeves Embroidery Frames: Suitable for embroidery on long sleeves, pants, jeans,etc.
Picture E: Master Bracket for 8-in-1 device, works with all the frames above.
Robot Frame is applying for a patent in EU(34 countries), USA. China, India, Vietnam etc.
Embroidery machine for finished goods with
With Robot Frame on RiCOMA machines,embroidery is made possible and easy on anything you can imagine.
Yes,anything,such as bags,pockets,sports shoes,purses,sleeves,and many more.
Regular frames do not work for unusually-shaped finished goods.However,our robot frame breaks the old way of general thinking.A great breakthrough in embroidery technology
Model Robot frame(Compressor not included)
Product Configuration Jig,Control box & Pedal,Compressor wire
Sewing Field 38.1 x 177 mm (1.5″ x 7″)
Weight 3kg
Air Cylinder Max Press 9.9kgf/cm

Instruction to Install Robot Frame

Laser Device is a great tool when you want to trace a design. No more guess. Just watch the laser pointer to ensure the design is within the hoop range. It is available on all RiCOMA machines as an option.
Easy to install. Great help.

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Mighty Hoop

Mighty Hoop

Mighty hoop is a new magnetic hoop that makes hooping very easy. There is no need to adjust the outer ring as the hoop holds the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. It also reduces the stress on your wrists and hands because it wants to pull itself together. Even for thick garments, there is very little pressure needed to apply the hoop. Hoop burn is greatly reduced because of the way the hoop holds the fabric.

Mighty hoop4.25
 4.5 The inside dimension of this hoop is 4 1/16″ (4.062″, or 103mm)Item included: One 4.25″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $180
$135 on Sale
Mighty hoop5.5
  5.5 The inside dimension of this hoop is 5 5/16″ (5.30″, or 135mm)Item included: One 5.5″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $180
$135 on Sale
Mighty hoop7.25
 7.5 The inside dimension of this hoop is 7 1/4″ (7.25″, or 184mm)Item included:One 7.25″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $194
$145 on Sale
Mighty hoop10x10
 10x10 Item included:One 10 x 10 Mighty Hoop Normal Price $200
$150 on Sale
Mighty hoop8x13
 8x13 Item included:One 8×13″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $200
$150 on Sale
 11x13 Item included:One 11×13″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $225
$169 on Sale
Mightyhoop 4.25×13
 4.25 X 13 SLEEVE Hoop Fractional Item included:One 4.25×13″ Mighty Hoop Normal Price $205
$150 on Sale
Mighty hoop system 4.25
 4.25 4.25″ Fixture to use Might Hoops with a HoopMaster SystemItem included:One 4.25″ Fixture with FreeStyle Arm for your HoopMaster System Normal Price $275
$206 on Sale
Mighty hoop system 5.5
 5.5 5.5″ Fixture to use Might Hoops with a HoopMaster SystemItem included:One 5.5″ Fixture with FreeStyle Arm for your HoopMaster System Normal Price $275
$206 on Sale
Mighty hoop system 7.25
 7.25 7.25″ Fixture to use Might Hoops with a HoopMaster SystemItem Included:One 7.25″ Fixture with FreeStyle Arm for your HoopMaster System Normal Price $308
$231 on Sale
HoopMaster Station Kit  
             Station Kit This item is for customers that do not already own a HoopMaster Station and are ordering a 4.25″, 5.5″, or 7.25″ hoop and fixture. You will need this Station to hold the hoop and fixture while hooping. Customers that have a HoopMaster for normal hoops will not need this Station, it is the same as the one you already have. This kit will also work if you are ordering the larger size hoops like 10×10, 8×13″, 11×13, 12×15″, or 13×16″. The FreeStyle arm base is used with the 4.25, 5.5″ and 7.25″ fixtures and Mighty Hoops for hooping smaller items like bags, and sleeves.Item Inclueded:One HoopMaster Station, FreeStyle Base, T-Square Normal Price $200
$190 on Sale
Adjustable Mighty hoop Fixture  
     Fixture This fixture is designed to hold all large Mighty Hoops on the HoopMaster
Station. It also holds your backing material, but unlike the 5.5 fixture, does not have arms to hold the top hoop.Item Included: One Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture for your HoopMaster System
Normal Price $167
$125 on Sale

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